About Dress Ups Kids

Thank you for dropping by.

My name is Esther. I sew and handmade all the costumes you see here. I live in Canberra, Australia with my lovely husband, two boisterous little boys and two energetic dogs.

Dress Ups Kids dream to inspire little imaginations and allow the children of today to enter the world of make-believe. Dress Ups Kids bring to this generation a slice of the innocence that we enjoyed as children. In fact, some of our patterns are over 30 years old! We wish for all little people to experience the wholesome innocence of generations past. Dress Ups Kids allow children to play, engage both mentally and physically in their fantasy world, and not just succumb to that of the ever-present technical age. 

Our costumes are lovingly handcrafted. We believe in quality as opposed to mass commercialism and production. Upon seeing our products, we hope that you too will draw upon your own memories and pass the gift of imaginative role-play on to your precious little ones.



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